Honey Toast



Croissant Sandwich with Spring Mix Salad  *Homemade Soup Set + $3

    Teriyaki Chicken                                               10.50             

​    Pesto Chicken                                                  10.50

    Ham, Egg, & Cheese                                        10.00


Croque Monsieur with Spring Mix Salad   *Homemade Soup Set + $3                              Ham & Cheese with Mornay Sauce                    11.00

  Tuna & Cheese with Mornay Sauce                   10.00

Crepe Panini *Homemade Soup Set + $3           8.95

   Ham & Cheese

​   Prosciutto 


Prosciutto Crepe                                                 11.50

Caramel Apple Crepe                                            8.50

Savory French Toast                                           12.00

Caramel Banana French Toast                           12.50

Beef Bowl Set  NEW                                            15.00

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl Set   NEW                       12.99

Red Bean & Cream Bagel                                      7.50

Potato Stacks (2pcs)                                             4.00





Bubble Tea                                                             M             L

Milk Tea, Mango, Lychee, Passion Fruit                       5.10        6.10

Strawberry, Yuzu, Red Bean, Toasted Marshmallow Peach

Watermelon, Blue Berry, Bubblegum, Almond

Banana Black Sesame, Coconut Milk, Taro                  6.10         7.10

Green Tea (Matcha),Coconut Mango

Special Drink

​Yuzumitsu                                                                      5.50

Coffee Jelly in Cafe Au Lait                                           5.50

Red Bean Paste in Cafe Au Lait                                    5.50

Bubble tea is made with a tea or fruit base and then tapioca 'pearls' are added. Mitsu Sweet Cafe offers several tropical flavours, Mango, Coconut and Passion Fruit, in addition to Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Milk Tea.

Cream Puffs



Honey Toast

            Berrylicious                       14.95

            Chocolate Hazelnut          14.45

            Matcha Green Tea.           15.25 NEW!       


Sweet Crepe                               

           Strawberry&Cream      Tropical      S'more

           Cookies&Cream           Apple Pie

           Banana Nutella            Caramel Pear ​NEW!

                              *With ice cream      10.50

                              *Without ice cream   7.50


Savory Crepe                                  

           Niscoise Salad                    8.50

           Teriyaki Chicken                  9.95

           Pesto Chicken                     9.95

           Ham&Cheese                      9.50


Parfait                                           S                 L

          Strawberry&Vanilla            7.50            9.50

          Matcha&Red Bean Paste  8.50           10.50

          Tropical Delight                  8.50           10.50

          Coffee Lovers' Dream       8.50            10.50 ​NEW!

Bakery Items

          Daily Scones, Muffins, Seasonal Cupcakes

          Brawnies, Cookies etc...                     1.75~




​​Hot Drink 
                                                                        S              M               L
Blend Coffee                                                1.35           1.60           1.85
Cappuccino                                                  3.10           3.80           4.45
Cafe Latte                                                    3.10           3.80           4.45  
Flavoured Latte                                            3.60           4.80           5.95
(Japanese Black Sugar, Vanilla,
     Caramel, Hazelnut, Raspberry, etc)
Cafe Mocha                                                   3.85          4.30         4.80
White Mocha                                                  3.85         4.30         4.80
Caramel Macchiato                                        4.55         5.50         6.45
Americano                                                     2.90          3.90         4.75
Chai Latte                                                      4.10          4.50         4.90
Mathca Latte                                                  4.10         4.50         4.90
London Fog                                                   3.70          4.40         5.10
Tokyo Fog                                                     4.60          5.00         5.40
Tea                                                                2.50          2.75         3.10 

Green Tea                                                     2.10          2.50         2.85
Hot Chocolate                                                4.00          5.50         7.00

*Seasonal Special Drinks are always available!

  Please ask to our barista about it. 


​This style of crepe was created in Japan’s center of style, fashion, and modern culture, Harajuku, Tokyo. Visitors to the Harajuku district can enjoy walking down the street with this sweet or savoury crepe and not miss out on the excellent shopping. Although the crepe is originally from France, the Tokyo style makes it easy to enjoy on the go. Enjoy our sweet or savoury versions while walking around historic downtown Moose Jaw. Please remember to be respectful and not litter.

This fantastic dessert originated in Shibuya, a popular fashion and shopping district in Tokyo. Honey toast has lead the rise of modern Japanese Sweets. This delicious treat is great to share but even better to indulge in on your own!

*Eat-in only. Limited Quantities. It is recommended to call ahead for group orders.

Iced Drink

                                                                        S               M              L

Coffee                                                           3.00          3.80          4.60

Cold Brewed Coffee                                     3.50          4.00          4.50

Americano                                                    3.00          4.20          5.40

Cafe Latte                                                     3.75          4.20          5.35  

Flavoured Latte                                            4.25           5.00          7.00

(Japanese Black Sugar, Vanilla,

     Caramel, Hazelnut, Raspberry, etc)

Cafe Mocha                                                   4.10          4.85          5.70

White Mocha                                                 4.10          4.85          5.70

Caramel Macchiato                                       5.20          5.65          6.10

Cafe Au Lait                                                  3.50          4.30          5.10

Chai Latte                                                      4.20          5.15          6.35

Mathca Latte                                                  4.10         5.50           6.90

London Fog                                                   4.10          5.50          6.90

Tokyo Fog                                                     5.00          6.00          7.00

Today's Iced Tea                                           3.10          3.80         4.40

Today's Green Tea                                        3.10          3.80         4.40

Italian Soda                                                    3.50          4.15         4.80

Italian Soda 'n' Cream                                    4.00          4.65         5.30

Chocolate Milk                                                4.00          5.50         7.00

Kids Drinks (Orange                                       2.00          3.00

     Apple, Choclate Milk)

Bubble Tea

For you to have some image of Mitsu's specialty desserts, below is an introduction of our Japanese contemporary dessert line up.

All desserts are made with a warm heart in our store. Now you don't have to travel far away to be able to enjoy them as your daily choice!!

This wonderful dessert, originally from France, is universal. At Mitsu Sweet Café, our parfait are served with homemade ice creams and flavours, including several inspired by Japanese favourites. Enjoy this taste of childhood today!

*Eat-in only.

​This irresistible dessert is also inspired by Tokyo Sweets. The combination of the crunchy puff and the creamy filling makes this a treat not to be missed. Like a wind from the coast, this dessert has spread since the first Japanese cream puffs were available in Vancouver. How about trying the taste and texture at Mitsu Sweet Café today?

Mitsu Sweet Cafe Moose Jaw,sask